Lake Powell - the wonderful man-made lake of the United States

The second largest man-made Lake of United States
Amazing panorama of Glen Canyon
Lake Powell, the second largest man-made lake in the United States is the playground for Page, Arizona, and attracting more then three million visitors annually. This amazing man made wonder named after John Wesley Powell (who led the first exploration of the Colorado River).  It is the largest reservoir on the Colorado River in Utah. The Lake stretches from two miles south of the state line in Arizona upstream approximately 300 kilometers to Canyon lands National Park in Utah
Lake Powell, Utah and Arizona, United States
Lake Powell, Utah and Arizona, United States

The most renowned Glen Canyon Nation Recreation Area, established by Congress in 1972, is the home of Lake Powell. The area is included of 1.25 million acres with the lake occupying only 13%, of the total area, which leaves a lot of opportunity to be explored by four-wheel drive.

Once you travel by boat a few miles from any of the marinas no doubt, you'll find yourself in another amazing world with a skyline unmarred by signs of civilization.

This amazing lake offers a lot of activities include swimming, scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling, boating and water skiing, hiking and sightseeing. It is also heaven for the photographers.  There are also an opportunity waiting for you to take a scenic flight by plane or helicopter over the lake, which provides a bird's eye view of how far some those 96 canyons extend from the main channel of Lake Powell.