Nafakhum, the only replica of Niagara waterfall

The beautiful view of Bangladeshi Niagara.

The beautiful sylvan and hilly river Sangu suddenly falls down here about 25-30 feet. That is why; this amazing waterfall was created here for the beauty lover and adventurer from all over the world. The name of this wonderful waterfall is Nafakhum which is also known as Bangladeshi Niagara but the local people also called it Remakri Waterfall. The beautiful Nafakhum is among the largest waterfalls in the country by volume of water falling. The name Nafakhum comes from Marma (one of the tribal nations of Bangladesh) language. The word “Khum” means waterfall. You will be able to see here a special type of flying fish, the local name of the fish is Nating. It can be found at the bottom in a small cave as they swim against the heavy stream but the fish cannot jump over the height of fall.

Wonderful rocky way near Nafakhum.
Location of Nafakhum: This divine waterfall is located in a remote hilly area of Bangladesh which is three hours walking distance from Remakri, Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban District.

Way to go: This fall panorama is situated at Bandarban district that is why; to reach there you have to go Bandarban first. From Dhaka (The Capital of Bangladesh) there is two way to go there, by Air and by bus. Available airlines are Biman Bangladesh Airlines, GMG Airlines Ltd. and GMG Airlines but by Air you have to landing Chittagong first then book a bus ticket to go Bandarban. There is lots of A/C and non A/C bus services from Dhaka to Bandarban few renowned services are Saudia, S Alam, Shamoly, Unique and Dolphin etc. From Bandarban town you need to go Thanchi Upazila. The ideal vehicle from Thanchi and Bandarban route is Chander Gari and local Bus. Hiring cost of Chander Gari will be 5000-5500 (Approx) and Bus fare can be 180-200 (per person).

A place of supernal beauty near Nafakhum.
It is very important to hire a well known guide. Make sure that, you did it before started your journey from Thanchi. Local guide is ideal for hire. After Thanchi there is no land route to go Nafakhum. The only way to go there is watery route. The wild Shangu River will help you to go Nafakhum. After reaching Thanchi you should hire a boat to reach Remakri. Two types of boat available here; these are engine and rowing boat. Boat cost will be approximately 5500-6000 BDT and maximum capacity of the boat is 7 persons including boatman. The path between Remakri and Nafakhum is not as smooth as you expect. This adventurous route are including several step downs, lots of sharp turns and somewhere it's heavy flowing.

Heavenly way to Nafakhum.
After leaving Remakri the next stoppage will be Tindu. It’s required 3 or 3.30 hours at least to reach Tindu from Remakri. Beautiful scenery both side of the way will fill your mind with tremendous feelings here. After one hour journey from Tindu you will reach a beautiful rocky area named “Boro Pathor”. Huge rocks in different sizes are scattered in the Shangu at this place and only a narrow way to pass by boat so, be careful this place is as beautiful as dangerous. At the last part of your journey there is no way to go without your foot. It required another two hours walking distance to reach Nafakhum. The whole journey to reach Nafakhum is required at least 10 hours so before your decision to go there a very well plane is most important.

Where to stay: If you wish to stay in Thanci, you can book Thanchi rest house. The cost will be about 600 BDT for 7 people. At Remakri you can stay at local tribal houses and the living cost for each night will be about 600 BDT for 10 people. There are some Tribal houses in Remakri to stay. The travelers should stay for the night at Remakri and the tour guide will help the travelers to find a good place.

A calm, cool and silent place near Nafakhum waterfall.
When to go: It will be wise to go there during winter season because in the rainy season there is heavy flow of Shangu River and it is extremely dangerous journey especially at the Boro Pathor area. If you are in hurry then take engine boat otherwise not. Be sure your full address and contact no are entered at Thanchi Thaana before your journey to wonderful wild and panoramic destination Nafakhum.