Kuakata - A unique sandy beach on the world, which is offering the full view of the rising and setting of crimson sun.

A heart touching panorama of sunset in Kuakata.

The name of this placid beach is the daughter of the Sea (Sagar Kannya in Bengali). Kuakata is one of the rarest scenic beauty spot on the southernmost site of Bangladesh. This calm and cool beach is about 30 km in length and 6 km in breadth and located in Latachapli union under Kalapara Police Station of Patuakhali district. The distance between Patuakhali town and Kuakata sea beach is about 70 km and from Dhaka, it is about 320 km far away. Kuakata become one of the famous traveling destination of Bangladesh for its excellent combination of the picturesque and wonderful natural beauty, amazing sandy beach, endless blue sky, huge expanse of cool and clear water of the Bay and evergreen forest near sea beach.

The beach is waiting for the tourist.
This fantastic name Kua which is means well and Kata which is means dug was perhaps given to it by the earliest Rakhyne settlers from Kingdom of Arakan who landmarked Kuakata by digging a well. Kuakata is one of the most amazing and unique sandy beach on the world, which is offering the full view of the rising and setting of crimson sun in the crystal clear water of the mighty Bay of Bengal in a calm and cool environment. That is why, Kuakata is become one of the unique and attractive beach of the world.

A panorama of boat riding.
The celestial long and wide sandy sea beach at Kuakata has a great typical natural setting. This heavenly beach has a gentle slope into the Bay of Bengal which made it an ideal place for experiencing bathing and diving into the sea water, walking on the sea shore. Kuakata is also a loving place of a sanctuary for a huge number of migratory winter birds from all over the world. The tremendous beauty of a series of coconut trees, white sandy beach of blue Bay and continuous green forest near the beach will fill your mind with joy.

A heavenly scenery near the beach.
Lots of events and elements here including evergreen forest, boats riding in the Bay of Bengal with colorful sails, fishing in the sea water, surfing sea waves etc. touches every visitor heart. Another great experience waiting here for every tourist to observe a Temple of about hundred years old witch is indicating the ancient tradition and cultural heritage of Kuakata. This loving place is also an ideal destination of pilgrimage of the Hindus and Buddhist communities. Kuakata became a holy destination to all Hindu and Buddhist during the festival of 'Rush Purnima' and 'Maghi Purnima'. On these two days, a huge number of devotees arrive here to take holy bath in the sea water and enjoy traditional fairs.

A celestial scenery of a series of coconut trees near Kuakata beach.
Way to go: By road - You can go there directly by bus from Dhaka. Many bus services are available here including Sakura, Hanif, and Eagle etc. It leaves every night at 10.00 PM from Gabtali Bus Terminal. You can choice BRTC bus service to go there which is leave from Sayedabad Bus terminal at night. All of these buses are clean and comfortable to journey.  
By river – It is an ideal route to go Kuakata. You can enjoy a flexible and comfortable journey by Launch from Dhaka to Barisal. Its leave from Sadarghat launch terminal between 6 to 9 PM at night. Then you can go Kuakata from Barisal by local Bus from Barisal Bus Terminal.

Hotel Nilanjona International, Kuakata.
Where to stay: Kuakata is one of the busiest tourist destinations of Bangladesh and that is why many excellent hotels are available here. Few of these are including Sagor Konna Resort Ltd, Parjatan Holiday Homes, Holiday Homes Kuakata, Ananda Bari, Biswas Sea Palace, Hotel Kuakata Inn, Sky Palace Hotel Ltd and Banani Palace.