Money is not a matter when joy is everywhere

Outstanding view of monolith, Oslo, Norway
An outstanding view of monolith of Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park

Are you worried about your budget to expending on vacation? What will you do if there is a lot of opportunity to get cheers of your mind, pleasure of your hearts, beautiful views for your eyes and relief from the busiest life? There are few more cities in the world to get all of these elements at a time. Oslo, the city of peace is one of the most beautiful cities among all of them.

Within the last few years, Oslo has become the world's most expensive traveling destination, for high prices across the board. All kind of consumer products, restaurants expense, hotels bills and all other expenses are remain extremely costly in the city of Oslo, even it also costly during the quiet off-season of the tourism. On an average, the living cost of Oslo almost 40 percent higher than the New York City of America except rent

According to a report from UBS Wealth Management Research Oslo is also a most expensive city of the world. That is why, you have to think seriously before visiting this legendary city, because no doubt that, it will dig deep into your wallet. Expense of this city may make you want to avoid it. However, I think it would not be wise to avoid this panorama only for cost cutting. Be remember, to get something special you have to leave something also.

Opera & Ballet of Oslo - an award-winning architecture
Opera & Ballet of Oslo - an award-winning architecture
There are many ways to cut off costs while visiting the city. To keep your wallet save when confronted with steep restaurant prices, try thinking outside the box when you deciding where you go to eat. For an example, instead of seeking restaurant recommendations from your resident hotel lobby, please talk with locals to find the best bargains. On the other hand, you can purchase food from the local grocery store also, instead of eating breakfast in the hotel restaurant. However, mass transit may still be somewhat pricey but of course; it will be cheaper than taxi. Try getting to know well about the local transit system before you go Oslo. This kind of planning will help you to save your money and enjoy the traveling with your capacity as well.

Ten most visited and tourist attractive destinations in the capital of Norway are…

Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park: It is an attractive place in the city of Oslo for the travelers. Vigelandsparken is one of Norway's most visited tourists spot with more than 1 million visitors every year. Total area of this exceptional Park is 80 – acre and it is located in western Oslo. A main feature of this Sculpture Park is 212 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland.

The Norwegian Opera & Ballet: The second attraction in the city is The Norwegian Opera & Ballet. It is famous for its marble and glass building situated in Bjørvika, is an award-winning architecture and it is an excellent opera and ballet performances. The Opera House is open to the public and tourists coming from all over the world, and walking on the roof of the opera is a popular activity here. It is also the largest performing arts institution of Norway and over 600 employees working in about 50 professions and trades.

Exceptional view of  Holmenkollen, Oslo in winter
Exceptional view of  Holmenkollen in winter
Holmenkollen: This place of Oslo is renowned for world’s most attracted Ski Jump. Holmenkollen Sky Jump enriched with the world's most ancient Ski Museum and an observation deck with panoramic views of the capital of Norway. Can you imagine! the museum presents over 4,000 years of skiing history and polar exploration artifacts. It is a very loving place to the famous skydiver of the whole world. This place is also the Norway's most popular attraction for travelers. Every year Holmenkollen hosts FIS World Cup ski competitions and it is open for all 365 days in a year.

Akershus Fortress: It is a symbol of ancient culture of peace land Norway. Located in the centre of the city of Oslo and it is became a popular recreational area for its great harbor views. The great fact of Akershus Fortress is that, even today it is the Norwegian Government's principal location for official functions and state occasions. It is not only an ancient place but also erected over a period of almost 700 years. You will see here a huge number of fortresses rich varieties of prominent buildings and today it is also the houses of the Royal Mausoleum.  

Natural History Museum: The main attraction of Natural History Museum to the visitors coming from all over the world is an opportunity to see the famous fossil known as "Ida", which is the oldest primate fossil known and it is the most complete fossil of an early primate found all over the world till now. Natural History Museum enrich with the Natural History Museum complex, the Botanical Garden, the Zoological Museum and the Mineralogical-Geological Museum. All are situated separately here. The Botanical Garden of Natural History Museum enriched with more then 7,500 plant species from around the world.

Viking Ship Museum: It is located at Bygdøy in the capital of Norway. It is the symbol of the heritage of Viking age. The main attractions of the Viking Ship Museum are the Oseberg ship, Gokstad ship and Tune ship

Outstanding scenery of 700 years old  Akershus Fortress, Oslo
Outstanding scenery of 700 years old  Akershus Fortress   
National Gallery: There is waiting a chance for you to see the largest public collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures, most of them are more then 60 years old.

Fram Museum: It is the world’s most famous place for polar ship. There is an opportunity to the tourist to see how Norway's polar explorers lived and survived in the coldest places on earth over 100 years ago.

Norwegian Museum of Science, Technology and Medicine: More then 20 permanent and temporary exhibitions are on display here and a popular place to the children for its fun and educational activities.

TusenFryd: It is one of the biggest an amusement park having more then 30 attractions, including several rollercoaster’s, children's rides and a water park. The Park is open seven months of the year (April to October) and it is located just 20 minutes south of Oslo.

We know that, according to the Global Peace Index the position of Norway is in 18 but in 2007, it was in number one position. Norway still a peaceful country and it is the paradise for the holyday maker. To enjoy your holiday or vacation with peace and joy you can choose Oslo without any doubt.

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