Inani, the golden sandy beach of Bangladesh

A celestial scenery of Inani beach.
A celestial scenery of Inani beach.

This Elysian sea beach is the part of world’s longest sea beach Cox’s Bazar  (One of the most popular tourist destinations in Bangladesh). It is situated 32 kilometers far away from Cox's Bazar. There is a lush green hills rising up at the east side of the Inani sea beach and the sea spreading out continuously to the west of the beach. No doubt, this diversity of natures will fill your mind with jubilance.   

Beautiful fisher boats beside Inani beach
Beautiful fisher boats beside Inani beach.
Inani beach is also a heaven of beauty to the tourists for its beautiful golden sands, rocks and coral boulders. Another main attraction here is clean blue water of the sea. The water of this silent beach is totally shark free. That is why; most of the tourists like to bath and swim here without any fear.   

The path between Cox’s Bazar and Inani Beach can be added another great feelings to your mind. At the right there is the endless hill and the sea can be seen at the other side. Just close your eyes and try to feel the scenery that, endless hill, continuous sea and blue sky hugging you together… Make sure, your camera shutter is on otherwise you will miss the opportunity to capture the beauty of the journey.

A heavenly view of a village near Inani Beach
A heavenly view of beach side village
Most of the tourists choose this relaxing place for its silent nature and environment. It is totally free for tourist gathering.

Way to go: The ideal transport to go Inani beach is Chander Gari (One kind of open jeep). You can hire it from Laboni point, Kolatoli point at Cox’s Bazar. Another way to go there is Taxi. It is also available at Cox’s Bazar.

Where to stay: Though Inani Beach is a popular sandy beach of the country but there is no good accommodation for living. So visitors should to stay in Cox’s Bazar.