Boga Lake, a wonderful wonder of the nature

Amazing view of Boga Lake
Amazing view of Boga Lake.

Boga Lake, a wonderful wonder of the nature situated about 3000 feet above from the sea level. This amazing Lake also known as Bagaikan Lake. It is almost 22 kilometer far away from Ruma (an Upazila of Bandarban hill district, Bangladesh). The whole area of this calm lake is about 15 acres or 653400 square feet. The water of this beautiful Boga Lake is very clean and looks like a blue sky in the ground. The lake is rectangular in shape and composed of the soft rocks. This calm Lake is bounded on three sides by mountain peaks which are covered by thick bamboo bushes. It is the deepest natural lake of Bangladesh situated on the highest position from the ground.

You can be heard many mythological stories about the creation of this lake from the local people. Some of them believe that, this beautiful Lake created after the inhabitants of a Khumi village killed and ate a deity who later reappeared to them in the form of a dragon.
Heart touching way of Boga Lake
Heart touching way of Boga Lake
That is why; they also called it “The Lake of Dragon”. But the real thing is, this silent Lake was created by collection of rain water in the crater of a dead volcano and it is almost 2000 years ago. Today the main source of this Lake is the spring.

Most of the time its water looks blue but the Lakes beauty varies with the change of light.
Seasons also give it different taste to the tourists. No doubt that, the Lake attracts tourists because of its scenic beauty. But it is also popular to the travelers for its excellent trekking path. For the lover of nature, no other place can be so appealing than Boga Lake.

Most of the visitors come here from abroad and local to marvel at its size, its wonderful views and to be able to have an amazing quiet moment of relax surrounded by natural beauty and surprise. Very calm, cool and peaceful environment also attract them.

I already visited two times of this amazing Lake. It’s calling me again! Every time I felt that I am a part of this natural wonder. Its calm & cool wind hugs me with gentle breeze, its blue water filled my mind with joy and its beautiful natural views filled my eyes with tremendous feelings. You can't imagine about the outstanding feelings to stay here unless you visit it.

Way to go: To visit these fantastic Lake travelers should to go Bandarban city first. Main route to go Bandarban is Dhaka – Chittagong – Bandarban (by bus) then Ruma Bazar (by Chader gari). To reach the Boga lake you can hire a Chander Gari again. To grab the original beauty you have to go your destination by walking. It is about 22 Kilometer from Ruma. Don’t worry! Beautiful scenery and wonderful trekking will reach you there.

Schedule for Chander Gari: Chander Gari is 3 times available to reach to Boga Lake. This are: -     The first trip at 8.00 am
The second trip at 12.00 pm
The third and last trip 3.00 pm

Adventurous hill side resort in Ruma, Bandarban
Adventurous hill side resort in Ruma, Bandarban
Where to stay: There is no living accommodation near Boga Lake. So, you have to stay in Bandarban city. There are few government rest houses in Bandarban but it is very hard to get a seat there. It is preferable for government service holder only. There are lots of Residential hotels available for tourist such as Hill Side Resort, Holiday Inn, Hotel Four Star and Parjatan Motel etc